Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Fool's ARC Contest

April's Fool ARC Contest (No, this isn't a joke!)

Vampires have invaded modern pop culture like locusts in a wheat field. Nearly every film, television show, or book follows the "European model" for the vampire, as set down by Bram Stoker in his novel DRACULA, and plays on the "rules" that these night stalkers must follow. However, there is one fundamental "rule" that isn't based in the myths and legends of Europe.

This month's contest is a multiple choice question. Rules for the April's Fool ARC Contest:

1. Contest begins April 4, 2010 and ends MIDNIGHT April 17, 2010. All answers must be received BEFORE the deadline.

2. E-mail your answers to contest AT jkholmes DOT com. PLEASE DO NOT POST THEM HERE. Feel free to leave comments but answers must be received by e-mail to be valid.

3. You may enter only ONCE -- that's one (1) time -- in order to keep it fair.

4. Contest is open to international participants.

5. Winner will be determined by random drawing from CORRECT entries and announced here on April 18, 2010. Winner will receive a signed, collectable (featuring the original cover art!) ARC of BLOOD LAW!

Now, here is your multiple choice question:

Which of the following vampire "rules" does not appear in the original European legends?

A) Vampires sleep in coffins.
B) Use poppy seeds to distract a vampire since they must count all seeds before continuing their pursuit.
C) Vampires feed on blood.
D) Garlic will ward against vampires.
E) A wooden stake through the heart will prevent a vampire from rising from the grave.
F) Sunlight will harm/kill a vampire.
G) Crosses are effective protection against vampire attacks.

Good luck!


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Entries must be received by e-mail in order to be valid.