Friday, January 28, 2011

Show The Love...Win Books

Yes, the rumors are true and I'm plotting the next installment of the Alexandra Sabian series. While planning and scheming murder, mayhem, destruction, and general fun stuff like that, I'm also thinking of the next step in Alex's relationship with Varik. I can't say much since y'all haven't read BLOOD SECRETS yet (which I'm dying for y'all to read!! Anticipation is NOT my friend...) and I don't want to give spoilers.

But...I've been thinking a lot about love and relationships lately, and with Valentine's Day fast approaching, it's hard not to notice all the cutesy hearts and bears. As "they" say, "Love is in the air." So I'm going to show my love for readers and hold a contest!


To enter: Post your favorite literary love duo (can be from classic literature or contemporary genre fiction) and why you're drawn to their relationship in the comments section. For example: Romeo and Juliet -- I'm drawn to them because they're the embodiment of forbidden and tragic love. OR Cat and Bones -- I love 'em because they're just freakin' HAWT! (You get the idea.)

Dates: Contest begins Friday, January 28 and end Monday, February 7. Winners will be announced Tuesday, February 8.

Entries: Only 1 (ONE) entry per person. Contest IS open to international participants.

Prizes: Four (4) lucky winners will be chosen at random and receive the following--
  • 1st Prize...
    BLOOD LAW by Jeannie Holmes (signed)
    HOT ROCKS by Nora Roberts
    GHOST SHADOW by Heather Graham
    KILLING ME SOFTLY by Maggie Shayne
    THE PERFECT POISON by Amanda Quick

  • 2nd Prize:
    ENEMY LOVER by Karin Harlow
    WICKED BECOMES YOU by Meredith Duran
    BIG JACK by J. D. Robb

  • 3rd Prize:
    THE PERFECT POISON by Amanda Quick (Yes, I have two copies of this book.)
    SUGAR CREEK by Toni Blake

  • 4th Prize:
    CRAZY FOR LOVE by Victoria Dahl
    RUNNING HOT by Jayne Ann Krentz
    I LOVE THIS BAR by Carolyn Brown
All books are new and unread. Genres range from contemporary to regency romance to paranormal to urban fantasy.

Yes, there's only one copy of BLOOD LAW up for grabs, but don't worry. I'll have more contests in the future, especially as we get closer to June and BLOOD SECRETS.

The contest is now open so show me the love!!


Bethany C. said...

When I saw this question, Yelena and Valek from Maria V. Snyder's Study trilogy came to mind. Their relationship evolved in a unique way, and I love how obvious their mutual respect for each other is.


donnas said...

Elizabeth and Darcy. They are such great characters. That show how even 2 seemingly complete opposites really arent that different at all.

And Mac and Barrons. The chemistry is just off the charts.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Meredith said...

Jamie and Claire. Their love is timeless.

meredithfl at gmail dot com

Sheree said...

Romeo and Juliet, they taught me how not to act when I got to be a teenager. Thank you, Shakespeare!


Heather Wigen said...

I love Eric and Sookie in the Sookie Stackhouse series. If she doesn't wind up with him I'm going to be so upset! I loved the 4th book when he had no memory and sincerely fell in love with Sookie. It was so unexpected because he was such a jerk, but I love them together. She saw him in trouble and helped and their relationship grew from that. Friendship turned love, the best kind!


Emily said...

Right now my favorite is Kate and Curran, because they fought their relationship tooth and nail but are so devoted to each other at the same time and share the same sense of duty and responsibility. although, who knows- they may be dethroned soon by someone else as there are a ton of awesome couples out there!

Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

whatbookisthat at gmail dot com

Carmel @ Rabid Reads said...

Cat and Bones because they're an awesome duo and hot! Thanks for the giveaway! I am eager to read book 2!


Sarah said...

My favorite pair is Mercy and Adam from the Mercedes Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs. Inone of the books Mercy gets brutalized by a man and Adam saves her by becoming a werewolf and ripping him to pieces. Afterword, Mercy is terrified of contact but he is so sweet to her.

Spav said...

My favourite duo is Roarke and Eve Dallas. I love how the two of them are so different on the surface but so similar where it counts.