Friday, June 4, 2010

BLOOD LAW Tour Dates Set

Yes, my Minions, the time for unleashing BLOOD LAW on the world is drawing closer.

It's kind of like a gianormous asteroid hurtling through space at millions of miles an hour and yet appearing to creep along in the darkness silently waiting for the opportune moment to strike and lay waste to everything around it.....

......or completely burn up in the atmosphere with all the fanfare of a bottle rocket.

Either way, I'm heading out for a tour to promote my preciousssssssss at the end of June. Here are the confirmed dates and places of where I'll be. Feel free to look me up, drop by and say "Hi!", and all that stuff. If you're lucky, I may even pose for a picture. I also have a blog tour (of sorts) so if you can't find me in person, find me online.

Since this is my first book, it's a fairly short tour. Hence, the short tour bus...

BLOOD LAW Signing Tour

July 1-4 -- CONvergence (Minneapolis, MN)
July 7-10 -- Thrillerfest (New York, NY)
July 17 -- Murder by the Book (Houston, TX)
July 24 -- Barnes & Noble, Eastern Shore Centre (Spanish Fort, AL)
July 28-31 -- RWA National Conference (Orlando, FL)
August 14 -- Page & Palette (Fairhope, AL)


June 18 -- Paranormal Summer Fest (Tynga's Reviews)
July 1 -- Thrillerfest Promo ( *Note: BookTrib will be giving away 10 copies of BLOOD LAW as part of their Debut Author week!
July 7-8 -- Virtual Launch Party (Bitten By Books)
July 9 -- Guest Blog (Dark Faerie Tales)

Hope to see some of you out there on the road! :)

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